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What is solar smart street light? Solar street light company introduction

2021-08-17 15:36:03

In the past, I believe that most people are still only supplying lighting. I don’t know that solar street lights have become smart. We have successfully developed a new type of smart street light. How is the new method? What is it like? What is the difference from ordinary street lights?

Everyone may have such a question. Solar street lights use environmentally friendly energy-light energy derived from solar energy. How can they pollute the environment? Is this a bit extreme?


The solar street lights of the solar street light company do not emit pollutants. The solar panels, poles, light sources, controllers and wires have a service life of more than 10 years, and even if the solar street lights reach the age, it will only cause very little pollution. However, if you use a different brand of assembled solar street light, it fails the national inspection or equipment inspection, and it is directly shipped. After a few months, the people complain that the light does not turn on. When users look for these solar street light manufacturers, they basically All belong to shirk responsibility.

Solar street lights generally use lead-acid batteries, ternary lithium batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries. If you are using the products of a miscellaneous brand assembly manufacturer, there is basically no quality guarantee, so the maintenance cost is very high. The main reason is that the battery recycling process is not perfect. Many of them are thrown away when they are used up. So many rural areas across the country use solar street lights. You don’t need a good brand/good solar street light manufacturer, so the pollution to the environment cannot be ignored. Guangdong Solar Street Light Company

This new type of solar street light has added cameras and air testers, which can supervise the safety and air standards of every road in the city. The light source can be controlled by a mobile phone, and even the brightness can be controlled. There is an LED display, you can use the display to show the company's promotional videos, pictures, time and daily weather conditions.



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