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What should I do if the solar led street light suddenly doesnt turn on?

2021-08-17 15:44:30

The reason why solar LED street lights are widely used nowadays, in addition to the reasonable control of the cost of use, and the use of functional advantages, the most important thing is that the country has also begun to introduce many policies to support it, which can ensure the development of solar street lights. It's smoother, and it's becoming more popular in our lives, and it has a better use effect.

Solar led street light manufacturers, solar street lights have relatively high technological content, and can control the equipment through very high-end core devices to ensure better results in the process of use, and can adjust the automatic switch according to the brightness of 24 hours a day. Therefore, the ability to adjust the brightness in a variety of different environments can not only save electricity reasonably, but also use sunlight more reasonably, and it can indeed play the role and significance of energy saving and environmental protection.

Many people know that solar street lights are a relatively independent system. Their light source problems are basically related to photovoltaic panels and batteries. Of course, such a series of problems often cause certain problems in the entire system. problem. The solar street light works abnormally.


Therefore, sometimes when the solar street lights of solar led street light manufacturers do not work, what should you do? One thing we must determine is the installation location of the entire photovoltaic panel. Is their angle the most appropriate? This is still very important. During the installation process, the photovoltaic panels must have enough lighting so that they have enough stable output time. Another possibility is that they have not kept up with the entire power configuration at all. In this case, these two possibilities will more or less lead to overuse of the battery, which leads to undercharging.

In addition, if we suddenly pass by the solar street light, we all want to check the battery and match the actual use of the controller. The battery itself is in a charged state, and it is likely that some special capacitors are very small, or the controller setting is faulty. Therefore, in this case, the lighting time and lighting conditions of the entire mask should be controlled according to the actual local environment.

In addition, regarding the light source, the light source must be configured according to the actual conditions of the photovoltaic panels and batteries, not overloaded, and various different situations must be integrated and put forward one by one. Once eliminated, if the street lights in front are normal, then seasonal factors can be considered.



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