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What are the requirements of solar street lamp manufacturers for lamp holders

2021-08-17 15:37:16

Any solar product produced with mature technology, especially the emergence of solar street lights, has a good energy saving and environmental protection effect. It can not only effectively save energy use, but also save a lot of costs for investors. In terms of whether solar street lights can satisfy everyone The demand for the lamp is inseparable from the quality of the production. The lamp cap is an important part of the light source, so let's take a look at the requirements of the solar street lamp manufacturers for the lamp holder. Brand solar street light manufacturers

1. In the production process, all parts of the lamp holder of the solar street light are made of die-cast aluminum with strong impact resistance, which can make the lamp work for a long time and also make the lighting effect better. ideal.

2. In order to extend the service life of the lamp holder, the solar street lamp manufacturer will conduct the test again. The production and testing method after the completion is very special, that is, the lamp holder has been subjected to mechanical shock test, and the number of tests is more than 100,000 times. , It can only pass the test of the lamps on the market, it can be seen that the quality of the lamp holder is very good.

3. The light source of many products is very unstable. If the street lamp uses this kind of light source, then the lighting effect cannot be guaranteed. In order to make the light source stable, the manufacturer will have a good heat dissipation design during the production process, and the lamp will also have good dust resistance. Waterproof ability, under normal circumstances, the grade can reach IP65. Dongguan solar wall light

4. The lamp holder used by the solar street light adopts an integrated design, all materials are made of stainless steel, and all parameters have reached the national acceptance standard.

Through the above content, we can find that only solar street lamp manufacturers strictly produce and ensure product quality, can they ensure the stability of street lamps, and continue to innovate in technology to allow オ to survive for a long time.



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